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    Don’t miss the After Fair Merchandise Pickup Day or your items will be donated to another planet! Pull up to the Junior School campus along W. 29th on Saturday, May 11th between 10:00 am–1:00 pm at your pre-reserved time.

    With some assistance from our hardworking volunteers, we will be offering drive through service and will deliver your order(s) straight to your car. The contact and order details you provided on the sign-up form including the confirmation order number will be needed at pickup. Please ensure your trunk is clear and ready to receive your items.

    Missed the sign up for your merchandise pick up or your plans have changed? 
    Email us at: merchandise.stfair@gmail.com

    Please Note: No minors will be permitted to pick up Auction items that contain alcohol. No exceptions. Thanks for your understanding.

    If you are looking to travel back in time and connect friends from years past, please find us at the Alumni Parents’ Booth. Located to the east of Harker Hall, we’ll be stationed at this location throughout the Fair to answer questions. 

    This year, we will also be the place for tracking down Lost & Found items (sometimes kids!), and for First Aid.

    The Bandstand is where you’ll find the most stars in The Fair’s galaxy! Live music featuring the superstar talents of Saints students will battle the gravitational pull and keep us dancing to the beat!

    Coming Soon: 
    Check out the Bandstand Schedule to see who’s performing throughout the day!

    Leave your Spaceship at home and pump up those tires, and bike to The Fair!

    As always, The Fair has a complementary and secure Bike Valet that has more space than the atmosphere! No lock? No problem! There are always two NASA scientists on duty, keeping a cosmic eye on your favourite two-or-three-wheeler.

    Ride on, Space Invaders!

    Fly on over and let the all ages Bottle Booth ‘space up your day’! Get ready to score a mega bottle of soda, sparkling water, juice, or even some specialty cooking items. It's like grocery shopping, but with a twist of fun and excitement! Don't miss out on this cosmic adventure for your tastebuds — infinite surprises await!
    How You Can Help:
    We are happy to accept all bottle donations, but the following items are most popular and contribute substantially to the profitability of the booth:
    Wear casual clothes to school on Friday, April 26th when you donate FULL bottles of pop, soda, and speciality kitchen items (oils & vinegar). We are in need of more kid friendly donations such as 2L bottles of pop. Please note, we no longer need any alcoholic beverages. 
    Junior School Bottle Drive Drop-Off Sites 
    On Donation Days, bottles will be happily accepted by parent volunteers at the Junior School at 8:00 am at the Main Gate, the East Gate by the Playground, and the Wallace Street Gate. 
    Senior School Bottle Drive Drop-Off Sites
    On Donation Days at the Senior School, bottles will be gratefully accepted by parent volunteers at 8:00 am at the Main Entrance and in the Lower Great Hall. Parent volunteers will be outside of the entrances to collect a minimum $2 donation from students who do not have bottles but wish to contribute and wear their casual clothes.


    Junior School Campus: 
    Main Gates on Wallace St., Main, and Primary Entrances

    Senior School Campus: Front Door Entrance, Great Hall Entrance, Door U Entrance by the Grad Lounge, and the Lower Great Hall. Alcohol (spirits and wine) can be dropped off ONLY at the Front Door by parents.

    Donation Days:
    • Friday, March 8
    • Friday, April 5
    • Friday, April 26

    Thank you for donating and supporting the St. George's School Fair!

    The Cake Space Walk is made possible by the overwhelming generosity of our parent community who bake or buy cakes or cupcakes. To donate treats in support of the Cake Walk Booth, please sign up here.

    Prepare for a celestial adventure at the Cake Walk or Moon Walk! Either one is an out-of-this-world experience as we spin the interstellar wheel to give away over 350 celestial cakes and treats!

    This beloved Fair favourite orbits back with lots of interactive space-themed fun, surprises, and special giveaways. This year, we’ve taken a moon walk over to the Junior School Playground. This cosmic event is made possible by the stellar generosity of our parent community. Our mission for this year is to have over 400 cakes to support our School.

    Aspiring bakers and space enthusiasts, tap into your inner Galactic Cake Boss, break out the stardust sprinkles, and involve the kids in making your cake donation for the Cake Space Walk. Remember, one of the most important ingredients in creating the perfect cake is fun! We'll gratefully accept home-baked cakes and cupcakes. Please ensure they do not need refrigeration: No cream cheese, whipped, or fresh cream.

    Are you too busy exploring the cosmos to bake a cake? Fear not! We'll also gratefully accept cash donations to purchase cakes (tax receipts can be provided for donations over $25).

    Embark on this interstellar journey with us and make the Cake Space Walk an event that's truly out-of-this-world! 

    For any questions regarding the Cake Space Walk, please contact our Cake Walk Convenors:

    Owen & Heather Cameron


    Welcome to the vibrant world of face painting and henna at The Fair! Immerse yourself in the universe of colour and creativity as our talented artists transform faces into living canvases and adorn hands with intricate henna designs. The sky’s the limit for the designs at this popular booth!

    Donate Items For The Fashion Boutique At The Fair

    Have old favourite fashion items to donate? Help the Fashion Boutique return for Fair Day. During the Fashion Boutique Drop-Off on FridayApril 5th or Friday, April 26th from 7:45–8:45 am, we will gladly accept the following items:
    • Purses (For designer purses, please arrange pick-up with Noreen Singh via email at: headconvenors@stgeorges.bc.ca), designer and non designer wallets, backpacks, and duffle bags
    • Jewellery & Accessories (mens, ladies, kids)
    • Clothing: Good quality & condition, current styles (No sleepwear, undergarments, socks); No Uniform pieces — they are collected the first Friday of every month
    If you are able to contribute, please contact us here. To donate, please complete this form

    Wear casual clothes to school on Friday, April 26th when you donate FULL bottles of pop, soda, and speciality kitchen items (oils & vinegar). We are in need of more kid friendly donations such as 2L bottles of pop. Please note, we no longer need any alcoholic beverages. 

    No bottles? Bring a toonie to wear your casual clothes. The Bottle Booth will be accepting donations from 7:45–8:45 am at the donation locations listed below. 

    Junior School Campus: Main Gates on 29th Ave, Wallace Street, and by the Primary Entrances (playground)

    Senior School Campus: Front Door Entrance, the Great Hall Entrance, or Door U (by the Grad Lounge)

    Questions? Please email us at headconvenors@stgeorges.bc.ca.

    Donation Days at the Junior and Senior School:
        •    Friday, March 8
        •    Friday, April 5
        •    Friday, April 26

    Welcome to the Food Court section of The Fair! Prepare to embark on a gastronomic journey that's truly out-of-this-world. 

    Experience Interstellar savings with Online Pre-Sales Available Now for Galaxy Bucks — The Fair's only method of payment for all food, rides, and games on Fair Day.
    Read More

    Step into the world of Galaxy Training, where bubble wands and pool noodles become your tools for exploration! Join us under the archway at the Junior Space Academy (aka the Junior School) for a live-action adventure like no other! Upon completing this journey, you'll be awarded a prestigious certificate celebrating your newfound skills. Remember, Galaxy Bucks are exclusively accepted for this celestial attraction.

    To purchase your Galaxy Bucks, please click here

    Prepare to embark on an intergalactic taste expedition, and celebrate the astronomical achievements of our Grade 12 boys who will be working on the mothership, known as the Grads & Dads Barbecue!

    The Fair’s Mission Control has ordered the deployment of sizzling burgers, out-of-this world veggie burgers ,and hot dogs. Hold on to your helmets because this year we're unveiling a special addition to our interstellar cuisine: the "Galactic Grilled Cheese!” Each cosmic cuisine is paired with a bag of chips, soda, or water.

    The Fair is moving towards zero-waste. We have gone to considerable lengths to create the greenest event possible by ensuring our booths are repurposing, recycling, or composting all of their supplies. We’ve carefully created proper systems to process the garbage created on Fair Day with hopes that we can divert all of it from the landfill.

    You can help us achieve this goal of a more sustainable future by:
    • Riding your bike or taking transit to The Fair. The Bike Valet will happily park and watch your bike while you enjoy your day.
    • Bringing your own water bottle, mug, reusable food containers, and cutlery.
    • Work with our volunteers to ensure your garbage goes into the proper receptacle. A carelessly discarded item can contaminate the entire bag.
    • Bringing a reusable bag for all of your purchases and winnings!
    • Outside food is not encouraged. If you must, please ensure it is in a reusable container that you take home with you.

List of 11 items.


    Returning from the abyss is the highly popular Gift Baskets Booth! This supernova offers an infinite selection of meticulously curated gift baskets, complete with treasures for everyone on special occasions such as holidays, Mother’s Day, birthdays, and anniversaries. Each basket is beautifully presented with a variety of gourmet snacks, indulgent treats, and delightful surprises, making them the ideal gift for teachers, classmates, and loved ones.  

    Visit us in Devenish Gym to discover the constellation of gift baskets!

    Gift Baskets require smaller donations of new and unused items or prizes of all sizes ranging in price from $5–100. To donate, please complete this form 

    For any questions regarding Gift Baskets and donations, please contact us via email at: giftbaskets.stfair@gmail.com.
  • PIES

    The Pie Booth is making a stellar return to The Fair, featuring irresistible pies crafted by The Pie Hole using top-tier, locally sourced ingredients. Secure your pies TODAY by ordering online here, for convenient pick up on Wednesday, May 1st at the Junior School. 

    Whether you cosmically crave sweet or savoury, prefer fresh-baked, frozen, or vegan, the Pie Booth has got you covered. 

    To sweeten the deal, when you purchase three or more pies you’ll receive a reusable cloth carry bag. If you purchase five plus pies you’ll receive an insulated cooler bag! The largest online pie order will receive a signed copy of "You Wanna Piece of Me", by Jenell Parsons, founder of The Pie Hole. 

    Online pie orders are open from Thursday, April 4th to Sunday, April 14th. Order your pies here today before they disappear into the cosmos.

    To learn more and purchase your pies, visit: saintgeorges.thepiehole.com/.

    Whether you're an earthly gardener or a space-faring horticulturist, the Plants Booth promises an unforgettable journey into the universe of plants.

    Embark on a galactic garden adventure and order your plants online!  Explore a universe of choices with bedding plants, hanging baskets, planters, and orchids. Place your order here before Wednesday, April 24th, and pick-up your plants at the After Fair Merchandise Pick-Up Day on Saturday, May 11th. Additional details will be emailed to you.

    To learn more about the Plants Booth, visit: https://saintsfair.myshopify.com/

    For those who crave the thrill of in-person plant exploration, a stellar selection of plants will be available for credit or debit card purchase on Fair Day, located on the front lawn of the Junior School.

    Set foot into the belly of the beast and venture through a cosmic journey designed to challenge your coordination, endurance, speed, and agility! Your gross motor skills will be tested with activities ranging from running, climbing, jumping, balancing, and other activities. Tie up your space boots and challenge yourself and your friends to see whose skills are ‘out-of-this-world’!

    Looking for some Fair fun that comes at the speed of light? Make the Prize Booth one of the first stops when you venture out in your space ship! At the Prize Booth, having fun is our #1 mission. Enjoy great music, cosmic treats, and superstar prizes! It’s only $5 to play and pull a number off the wall to win a prize worth $5, $10, $20, or infinity and beyond. Try your luck for an astronomical prize, but no matter what, every player is a winner at the Prize Booth! 

    The Prize Booth requires smaller donations of new and unused items or prizes of all sizes ranging in price from $5–$100. To donate, please complete this form 

    For any questions regarding the Prize Booth and Donations, please contact us via email at: prizebooth.stfair@gmail.com.

    Donation Days at the Junior and Senior School:
    • Friday, March 8
    • Friday, April 5
    • Friday, April 26

    Blast into your day at The Fair by treating your family to a cosmic coffee, a trans-galactic tea, or a celestial cold drink made by your very own Saints baristas! You’ll be over the moon when you fill your belly with our stellar baked goods. Find our caffeinated universe along the front of the Junior School, close to the Main Entrance.

    Please bring your own reusable cup to help planet Earth lift-off towards our goal of achieving a zero waste Fair.

    The out-of-this-world Rocket Fuel Café will be open from 9:00 am–3:30 pm.

    Set foot into the belly of the beast and venture through a cosmic journey designed to challenge your coordination, endurance, speed, and agility! Your gross motor skills will be tested with activities ranging from running, climbing, jumping, balancing, among others. Tie up your space boots and challenge yourself and your friends to see whose skills are ‘out-of-this-world’!

    Situated at the front of the Junior School, embark on an out-of-this-world adventure at The Fair's grandest attraction – the Millennium Falcon Bouncy Castle! Step into the galaxy's most iconic spaceship and bounce through the cosmos like never before. It's not just the largest Bouncy Castle at The Fair, but a bouncing journey through space that will leave the kids floating on air with interstellar joy!

    The Student Art Booth will proudly showcase our cosmically talented Senior School students. Uniquely created student art pieces will be on display and sold on Fair Day at a gallery-type exhibition. 

    Working together with St. George’s School Art Department, Makers Club,l and individual artists, there will be a variety of original art pieces donated either by individual students or collaborations donated by the studios. The skies are the limit for these students with their open platform to get inspired with their designs. We are very excited to see what our brilliant students will create! 

    The much anticipated Upper Field Rides are back from outer space and are better than ever! Get ready to experience zero gravity and enjoy the wide variety of bouncy castles for kids of all ages. Put your coordination to the test with the ever popular ‘Wipe Out’ Bouncy Castle, or feel like an astronaut in space with the Euro Bungee Ride! The Fair’s favourites have also landed, such as the Frozen Playland, Harry Potter, and Shrek Bouncy Castles. NEW this year are the extra large Wacky Slide and Disco Dome. Come on out and slide, dance, and jump like a superstar!

    The Fair’s Milky Way of Midway Treats is back, serving up the iconic tastes that make The Fair so exciting for kids and kids at heart! Tasty Fair favourites including freshly made popcorn, cotton candy, and snow cones with your choice of fun flavours! With a vast selection more than the universe can imagine, there really is something for everyone at the Milky Way's Midway Treats!

    All St. George’s families are invited to browse from a selection of stellar Used Uniform items in Devenish Gym. The entrance is located by the playground on the right hand side of the entrance to the Junior School.


For more information, please reach out to our Head Convenors via email at: headconvenors@stgeorges.bc.ca.

Head Convenors:
Noreen Singh and Shawna Merkur

Gates open at 10:00 am
Gates close at 4:00 pm


Due to the ongoing construction of the new Senior School campus, there will be NO parking at the Senior School or shuttle to the Fairgrounds.

Please be mindful of neighbourhood parking regulations and street parking.

St. George’s School acknowledges that we are situated on the unceded traditional territory of the Musqueam First Nation.

Contributions to St. George's School Foundation are eligible for tax receipts as prescribed by Canadian law. St. George's School Foundation's Charitable Registration Number is: 11917-5511 RR0001.
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